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Why choose
a Tennis Tutor Ball Machine?

Over Twenty years of proven reliability. Machines are still operating in Australia which were produced prior to 1990. Parts are always available for older machines.

  • Top selling tennis ball machines worldwide.
  • Worldwide availability of parts through a network of distributors.
  • Designed and manufactured in U.S.A. Founder and C.E.O Mr Bill Greene has a history as an aerospace engineer. Simplicity and minimum of moving parts are design features shared by all Tennis Tutor machines. This design philosophy allows for improved reliability, minimal maintenance and ease of repair.
  • Because of proven longevity, Tennis Tutor machines retain their value better than other brands.
  • Over the years other brands seem to have come and gone. Generally they fold up after a few years because they can't generate and sustain enough international volume to remain viable. In these cases, parts become impossible to obtain.

Does the perfect tennis partner exist?

Imagine the perfect Tennis Partner. Always available to play when you are. Always willing to practice whatever shots you wish. Always shows up to play. Never cancels arrangements, never has injuries, never has tantrums and is always quiet on the court. Doesn't complain about bad form or missed shots. Doesn't tie shoelaces before the big points. Has the ability to practice at any level, from beginner to international standard. Doesn't want to stop playing due to fatigue. Doesn't criticise your suspect backhand or smash, and is prepared to help you perfect your weaknesses.

Your not dreaming. Tennis Tutor, the world's best selling ball machine makes this, and more, possible with its portable, rechargeable ball machines.

Tennis Tutor ball machines are made in the U.S.A. and can be used in a variety of applications.

PRIVATE COURT OWNERS: Tennis Tutor Ball Machines are ideal for those who have a court at home. Every member of the family can practice at their own level. While Dad is recovering from an exhaustive 100 shot rally against the oscillating ball machine, Mum can make simple control adjustments and practise her backhand volley for the next weeks doubles comp. Another simple adjustment and Junior can practice that all important smash and footwork routine recommended by the Pro. The whole family can become super fit by working out on the Tennis Tutor.

TENNIS CLUBS AND CENTRES: A Ball Machine would enable members and customers to practice. A rental Ball Machine typically pays for itself many times over in a year.

COACHES: When a teaching pro uses a Ball Machine in group lessons it allows each student to hit more balls and be more involved. Since the students are more active they will enjoy their lesson more, feel they got more for their money, and therefore be more likely to take additional lessons. Using a Ball Machine also allows the tennis pro to be more accessible and friendly to the students, instead of being a human ball machine, shouting instructions from the other side of the net. Once introduced to your Ball Machine, students may become regular hirers. Juniors can groove in strokes and develop sound technique habits by hitting thousands of balls.


  • Ball speed adjustment, from very gentle to very forceful at the turn of a switch;
  • Vary intervals between ball feeds, from very slow to very quick at the turn of a switch;
  • Alter ball trajectory, from ground stroke to lob at the touch of a switch;
  • Activate oscillator if required, at the touch of a switch;
  • Ball capacity 70 - 150 balls depending on model;
  • Powered by either rechargeable heavy duty battery or mains electricity;
  • Operates very quietly;