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Tennis Tutor Plus

Item Code: TutorPlus
Price:  $3,399.00 – $3,499.00

Tennis Tutor Plus

Item Code: TutorPlus
Price:  $3,399.00 – $3,499.00
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No Compromises

Tennis TutorĀ® is portable enough to take anywhere, yet powerful enough to challenge even top-level players. In fact, Tennis Tutor is used by tennis pros at the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) Training Center in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

Patented Technology, Proven Performance

Tennis Tutor's patented technology, combined with over 20 years of experience and refinement, have made Tennis Tutor the #1 portable ball machine worldwide.

Tennis Tutor features an electronic control panel which gives you fingertip control of ball speed, trajectory, and ball feed rate (the time interval between ball throws). Ball speed ranges from a gentle toss for children to world-class speed. Ball trajectory can be set anywhere between ground stroke and lob, while ball feed rate adjusts anywhere from 1-1/2 to 10 seconds.

You can set Tennis Tutor to repeat shots you need to practice, or to oscillate and direct shots randomly across the court. Tennis Tutor also features an exclusive anti-jam ball feeding mechanism, and a 10-second start-up time delay to give you time to get to the other side of the net.

True Portability ... and more

Tennis Tutor is truly portable, measuring only 30cm tall when the ball hopper is folded down for transport. And with the towing handle extended, it tows just like luggage.

When you get to the court, the ball hopper opens in seconds to hold 150 balls, which is more than two standard pick-up baskets full of balls.

Tennis Tutor comes standard with a built-in heavy duty rechargeable battery that can deliver up to six hours of playing time, so there's no need for extra batteries.

Tennis Tutor has a built-in battery charge indicator, and it even politely beeps when there is only one-half hour of battery charge left. And of course, Tennis Tutor comes complete with a Smart Battery Charger that fully charges the battery overnight.

Tennis Tutor PLUS

Tennis Tutor Plus includes all the features of the standard TennisTutor, plus adds topspin and under spin capability. A simple dial controls the amount of topspin or under spin you desire. The Tennis Tutor Plus measures eight inches taller than the standard Tennis Tutor.

Tennis Tutor Plus is the only portable ball machine that displays the Elevation setting right on the control panel. A simple 10-segmentdisplay shows the elevation setting so you can set it to your favoritespot before firing any balls.

AC Power

All Tennis Tutor models (excluding Tennis Cube model) can be ordered with AC power instead of battery power for a nominal additional charge.


Ball capacity 150 Balls
Trajectories Groundstroke to Lob
Ball ejection speed 16 - 140 km/h 
Ball feed rate 1 1/2 to 12 seconds
Oscillator Random 
Battery Type Lead-acid, solid, sealed
Playing Time w/heavy duty battery 4 to 6 hours typical
Recharge Time 12 hours, typical
Dimensions (hopper closed) 51cm(H) x 50cm(L) x 51cm(W)
Weight (includes 5kg Heavy Duty battery)  
Tennis Tutor (AC Model) 21kg 
Tennis Tutor (Battery Model) 27kg